Employee Accident/Injury Report Form

You must check with your employer how you report your injury is based upon the rules at your workplace. Your employer should be displaying this poster in your workplace. It explains who to report your injury to and is usually found in the break room near a time clock or some other common area. If you cannot find the poster, ask a supervisor or manager.

Most employees simply need to clearly tell their supervisor about the accident. This includes explaining when where and how the accident occurred. Few employers provide training about how to report a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.

Problems arise when injured workers report their injury but forget to say it happened at work or say they do not need medical care. Sometimes the injury is not reported soon enough. The law states that you must tell your employer about the injury and your need for medical care within 15 days from the date of the accident. 

Some exceptional workers are hurt by exposure to bad air chemicals or repetitive trauma these workers may not know they have a work injury until they have seen a physician long after the accident occurred. The law provides 15 days from the time you know you have a work injury to report. 

A workers compensation claim to help make sure you do not have problems receiving your medical benefits. Report your injury to your employer immediately. Make sure you are clear that the injury is from a workplace accident and seek medical care soon after the injury if you have problems reporting your claim.

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