Notice of Termination of Rental Agreement

Notice of Termination of Rental Agreement is used when you have a tenant who has a month-to-month tenancy also known as a periodic tenancy and at least one of the tenants has lived in the premises for less than one year and of course, this form is for use in California. 

If all the tenants have lived in the house for more than one year you need to use a 60-day notice to quit and if it’s in the city of San Diego and been more than two years, you have to use a special form that gives cause on why you’re evicting because of the city of San Diego’s loss. 

  • Fill out the name of all adult occupants. You’ll notice it says in all the tents in possession of the premises so we don’t need to put that in on this form. then put in the address, city, county, and ZIP of the rental unit. 
  • Click on 30 days option to have a date later than 30 days.  You’re required to give a minimum of 30 days but you can give more than 30 days. 
  • Put in your name (landlord), the date, and sign.

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