Subcontractor Agreement

A Subcontractor Agreement is used when a general contractor hires subcontractors to assist in the completion of a project. It details the specific tasks the subcontractor will perform on the project, how much the subcontractor will be paid, and the general time frame for completion of the work.

What is a Subcontractor Agreement used for?

  • A Subcontractor Agreement is similar to an independent contractor agreement, however, what it does is it allows for an independent contractor to appoint a subcontractor to assist them in undertaking some form of duty or service.
  • A Subcontractor Agreement allows for an independent contractor to clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of the person who is helping.
  • You as a company may have engaged or appointed an independent contractor or you yourself might be an independant contractor. Sometimes you need people to help get things done. The job might be too big. A subcontractor agreement will allow you to put these things together, offer yourself some protection, and be sure that everybody’s on the same page about what needs to be done.

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