General Affidavit Form

The affidavit is an under oath statement of a person about any fact or information. It is a legal document that is used to prove the true value of a fact or incident. It must be attested by the legal authorities and must have the witness.

It is used in many situations. Universities often require an affidavit from the candidate about the confirmation of information provided by the candidate. In some public jobs, candidates are required to sign an affidavit that they are not affiliated with any other organization.

It is sometimes called a fact statement. A single affidavit can be used to prove the true value of multiple related statements. A typical legal format is followed to write an affidavit.

An affidavit has the following parts:

Title of the affidavit.

This is the top section of the affidavit and it consists of the title of the affidavit and contains the name of the person providing the affidavit. Sometimes it also includes the address and surname of the person.

Facts statement

In this section, the starting paragraph includes the detailed information of the deponents such as name, age, gender, address, occupation and any other information about the identity of the deponent. The next paragraph states the facts or information about which the affidavit is going to be used. A single affidavit can include multiple related facts. It is recommended to use a separate paragraph for each fact and statement.

Signature of the affidavit.

The last section of the affidavit is called the signature or footer of the affidavit. It demonstrates the related documents for the reference that may be put together with the affidavit. In this section, the signature of the deponent is placed along with the present date. SIgnature of the legal witnesses along with their identity is also placed in the signature of the affidavit.

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