Employment Forms

Work for Hire Agreement

Work-for-hire contracts/agreements are important for intellectual property. Reasons we want to make sure that there is a work-for-hire clause or an agreement that the other person that you’re hiring is signing. CREATE FORM When someone creates something for you and say you want to copyright it. In the copyright registration application they ask you, who …

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Notice of Warning

Be sure to cover all the key points in a written warning so that the employee is respected, and the company is also protected. CREATE FORM You will need Clear language Facts, examples, witnesses, and dates. Corrective measures Legal verbiage Counselors Honor, and verbal warning (optional). State the case clearly State the reason or cite …

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Employment Application

The first section of your Employment Application is all about your personal information. The first box asks you for your name.  Next, the application wants your social security number. When you write your social security number, you write three numbers, a dash, two numbers, a dash, and then four numbers. CREATE FORM The next box …

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