Work for Hire Agreement

Work-for-hire contracts/agreements are important for intellectual property. Reasons we want to make sure that there is a work-for-hire clause or an agreement that the other person that you’re hiring is signing.

When someone creates something for you and say you want to copyright it. In the copyright registration application they ask you, who the author of the work is, and technically if the person you hired created it, they are either an author or they could be considered to co-author.

The work-for-hire agreement cuts that out. Basically it allows you to say that you own the creation and if you don’t get a work-for-hire contract signed, technically, you don’t own it and you can’t copyright was created for you. Technically, the other part, the person that you hired can copyright it so you don’t want to be in a situation where that happens especially with like books and plays and music and you don’t want to be in that situation.

On the copyright application, you have to provide evidence that there was a work-for-hire contract. If you are not considered the author so that’s super important for you to have in your arsenal and if you don’t have the work-for-hire contract/agreement for evidence then legally you can’t copyright that creation.

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