Employment Agreement (General/Short Form)

If you’ve decided that you want to hire an employee rather than an independent contractor, then you’ll likely need an Employment Agreement. An Employment Agreement governs the relationship between an employee and an employer and needs to comply with both state and federal laws. And what it does is that it often sets out the position and remuneration and any terms around the employment.

So what does it need to include? Under the Fair Work Act employees are entitled to a certain set of standards.

This includes things like

    • hourly rates,
    • request for flexible working arrangements,
    • kinds of leave that they’re entitled to,
    • public holidays,
    • notice of termination and 
    • redundancy pay.
    • description of the position,

Employment Agreements may also contain details about what the employee’s duties will be and who they report to.

If an Employment Agreement is clearly drafted, it can provide certainty at the outset and reduce the likelihood of any disputes or misunderstandings between employers and employees.

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