Service Agreement

A Service Agreement outlines a formal agreement between a service provider and the recipient of the service, whether it be a home delivery service or an organization in the office. Write a service agreement contract to protect both parties.

When you write this agreement you want to make sure that 

  • The time of delivery 
  • The time of the installation 
  • The services operation 
  • Payments agreed 
  • Payments are taking place the agreed period of time
  • You also cover for anything that goes wrong with your equipment so whether it be a warranty or a guarantee or some form of service that can happen as a backup a support service to the provision in case something defaults goes wrong malfunctions.

In this agreement, it should be clearly indicated from step one to the end that you, as the receiver of this service are only prepared to pay for it on the basis of:

  • the delivery time 
  • the quality of the products or 
  • the service you’re getting.
  •  the installation time
  • the effectiveness of it.

Sign it, that’s a legally binding agreement between you and the service provider to ensure that both parties agreed.

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