Landlord & Tenant Forms

Notice to Quit

A notice to quit is a formal document that advises a tenant of the landlord’s intention to reclaim possession of the property where the tenant currently resides in many communities a document of this type is a forerunner to the formal process of eviction if the tenant chooses to comply the landlord does not have …

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Eviction of Notice

CREATE FORM Take pains to remove a renter from your property legally, or you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law. Check your local laws – Contact your county clerk’s office to check the laws governing eviction proceedings in your jurisdiction.  Tip: If you are managing government-subsidized housing, follow the eviction rules …

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Lease Assignment

Lease assignment is referring to a tenant assigning their lease and obligation rights over to a new tenant. So, as opposed to a sub-lease where it might be part of the space and the sub-lease or might still be responsible for the lease. Hopefully, with an assignment, the tenant that assigning the lease to the …

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