Excuse from Jury Duty Letter

This Excuse from Jury Duty Letter is from an employer to the court where an employee has been summoned for jury duty. This letter sets out the employer’s identity, name of prospective juror and the reasons why the employee should be excused from serving on a jury.

Here are the steps in effectively writing your excuse letter as a jury member: 

    • Coordinate with the court clerk. First, you should know how to get in touch with the court clerk assigned in your community. 
    • Inquire with him whether your reason for non-attendance in the court hearing is valid or not. It would certainly be a waste of time drafting an excuse letter when the excuse that you will state will not be accepted by the court. 
    • Make sure that your excuse is valid. Examples are as follow: caregiving responsibilities to senior citizens or children, medical emergencies, or fulfillment of an important job like being a firefighter or doctor. 
    • Write your opening statement. Now you have to start writing your excuse letter. You should begin your letter by informing the court that you cannot fulfill your jury duty because of a more urgent circumstance that you must attend to. 
    • Be sure that your letter has a formal tone and format. Put also at the top of your letter your address. Include details of your excuse. The next thing that you should 
    • Elaborate on the details of your excuse. You must also indicate when you will be free to continue your duty as a jury member, given that the special circumstances of your excuse are just temporary. 
    • Attach relevant documents. It is important that you secure the necessary supporting documents that will attest to the validity of your excuse. This may include a medical certificate from your doctor for medical reasons or a specific affidavit coming from your company for more urgent business reasons.

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