Hourly Fee Agreement

If you hire an attorney, then the attorney has to produce or provide with a fee agreement, and this agreement has to state that the type of work that the lawyer is going to do for the client or give sort of a general description of the sort of work and then and then state what the fee is going to be for that work.

  • This could either be one single payment or it could be the lawyer’s hourly rate. You should be aware of that. You should ask the lawyer for that agreement.
  • If the lawyer does not provide it for you, it’s very important that you know upfront what the lawyer is going to charge you. Also, keep in mind that there are other expenses other than the attorney’s fee when you go to court, so there are filing fees which the court charges.
  •  If you have to serve summonses then you need to pay the sheriff. In some cases you need to publish notice of your lawsuit and that can be very expensive as well. 
  • So if you’re hiring a lawyer and if you might go to court, you want to know the lawyer’s fee and you want the lawyer to give you some general idea of what the expenses are going to be for court costs. Right, if the lawyer says, I don’t know I can’t give you an idea of this and that. That should be a red flag and the lawyer should be able to give you some sort of ballpark estimate for what you can expect to pay for representation.

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