Online Advertising Agreement

Online Advertising Agreement is between a website owner and a client who desires to place advertisements on the owner’s website. This agreement sets forth the specific terms of the arrangement such as type of ad display, services rendered, payment and any ad content which is prohibited.

The portion at the top is for your advertising agency logo.

Moving down, Add the client or company name, their contact info, your company name, and your contact info.

Next is an outline of your company proposal. This proposal outlines what you as the Client can expect from the advertising company.

    • Under Business Challenges, you will write what you specifically found out about their business and what needs work. 
    • Under Plan of Action, you will write the steps you will perform to solve their underlying business challenge.
    • Under the Scope of Work, you will write what parts of the marketing that your company will be responsible for.
    • At the bottom of the page is a little disclaimer that talks about additional premium services. Use this as an up-sell to get the client interested in more business with your company.

Next, discuss more legal jargon with authorization, confidentiality, and contract termination. This is extremely important for trust and reputation. Do not give out your client’s information. Protect it at all costs.

Next is the pricing section, and its terms.

And finally, the last page is for both the client and your signature. Date it. Print the name. And then make two copies. One for you, and one for the client.

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