Guardianship Petition and Order

This Petition for Appointment of Guardian is a legal document which petitions the court to appoint a legal guardian for an infant, minor child or children.

Steps for applying a Guardianship Petition and Order

    • The process starts with filling out the forms.
    • Make copies and file the originals. The copies at the probate court. The court will assign a hearing date for your case, it’s up to you.
    •  Then have the petition and a notice of hearing served on them. The parents, grandparents of the child of 12 or older. As well as any siblings who are 12 or older if any of these relatives can’t be located you would need to complete a form explaining all of the steps you took to locate them and ask the court to excuse you from giving them notice of the proceedings. 
    • About two weeks before your hearing, the court will publish what they call probate notes which identify what if anything is missing from the file 
    • You would then do a written response to those probate notes and finally, you would attend your hearing. Hopefully, at the hearing, your guardianship will be granted. This whole process takes about two months from start to finish.

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