Purchase Agreement

It’s important that you protect yourself with a professional purchase agreement contract with your supplier before making any payment. Here’s the list of necessary details that you’ll need to include in the purchase agreement with your supplier.

Production – you’re going to want to put in all of the details there as far as the order quantity or the number of units that you’re purchasing and any details or customization that you’re doing so make sure you include all of the details here don’t leave anything out.

Total cost – is what you’ve agreed with your supplier.  And if there are any delays you’re stipulating the penalties. If visited problem is discovered with your products, this stipulates what needs to be done as far as fixing or replacing those products.

Inspection – what you would like is to have your supplier send you photos to update you on the process.

    • detailed photos of the materials
    • detailed photos of the product during
    • the manufacturing process
    • the final photos of the product itself
    • photos of the labels 
    • photos of the shipment itself

Tip: Negotiate with your supplier and stipulate on your contract that you’ll pay the remaining balance once the manufacturing is complete and the order passes the inspection however, should it fail the inspection your supplier needs to fix the problem and is responsible for paying for any subsequent inspections 

Shipping – this section covers:

    • where’s gonna get delivered to 
    • What’s being delivered 
    • the shipping costs 
    • how many days it’s gonna take to deliver it 
    • as well as the labeling that’s going on the packaging 

Payment – this covers the payment agreement. Deposit to start manufacturing and then the remaining balance when it’s ready to ship.

Confidentiality agreement that they’re not going to share anything with the agreement or the product itself with anybody else.

The last section is where you or your company, and your supplier sign, the date you filled the agreement.

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