Work Order

A work order is a digital or paper document that describes approved maintenance work. Depending on the type of business, work requests can be submitted to maintenance by any one of their many types of customers. 

Work orders are used to track the completion of work and document the usage of resources. The collection of this data enables maintenance to generate clear metrics that can be used for performance monitoring, trend analysis, and continuous improvement. 

The work order also contains key information on how the job will be completed, like

  • Description of the task 
  • Name of requesting department or individual
  • Estimated completion date
  • Name of an in-house person or third-party facility to complete tasks
  • Location of area or facility, 
  • What parts tools documentation are needed to complete the end goal

There are different types of work orders

  • Inspection preventative
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency
  • Electrical 
  • Safety
  • Special projects, etc.

A proper workflow is needed in order to effectively manage maintenance tasks. 

  • The work request is submitted
  • The work request is reviewed
  • If approved?
    • A work order is created which will then be completed and closed 
    • If not approved, the requester is notified.

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